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Safe Active Travel Routes

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I support and encourage the Safe Routes to School Programme which is designed to encourage
as many pupils and students as possible in primary and secondary schools to walk and cycle on their
route to school instead of using the car! While the programme encourages cycling and walking, it also
aims to accelerate the delivery of such infrastructure on key routes to all schools.

This programme helps provide “front of school” treatments which enhances bicycle and
walking access to school grounds and expand the amount of bike parking available at schools. After
the Department of Transport launched the Safe Routes to School Programme in March 2021 it
opened to all schools in Ireland to apply for active travel funding and delivery. The programme is
supported by the Department of Education and is operated by the Green-Schools Programme in
partnership with the National Transport Authority (NTA) and the local authorities.

Ensuring that children can travel safely to and from school on bike or foot with proper infrastructure
to enable the safe journey and storage of their bikes is a top priority for me.

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