Everyone who wants to will receive their vaccination by September.

This chart tells you when you will be vaccinated. It is available in Irish and English.

The HSE has committed to administer every dose of the vaccine at the speed that they receive them. The vaccination supply schedule is a ‘best guess’ because it depends on variables like when new vaccines are approved – and on how fast they can be manufactured.

Procurement and IT are vital to the success of the vaccination programme. In addition to procuring the vaccines themselves, we need millions of surgical steel needles and syringes to administer up to 10 million vaccine doses.

The rest of the world is trying to procure the same equipment. The Chief Procurement Officer and the Chief Information Officer report to me and have confirmed that Ireland has secured enough supplies to administer 10 million vaccine doses.

This week, vaccination is being rolled out in 180 long-term residential care facilities and 35 hospitals. Mass vaccination centres will also be needed, with the first state-of-the-art mass vaccination centre opening yesterday in Sandyford.

This facility will vaccinate 100 people per hour and can be scaled up. It is staffed by a team of 90 doctors and nurses. It is currently available to vaccinate healthcare workers only.

We are currently administering 50,000 does per week, matching our starting supply, but that will increase to 285,000 doses per week in the summer as more vaccines are approved and as manufacturing increases.

Email my office at ossian.smyth@oireachtas.ie if you have any questions.

When will I be vaccinated?

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