UPDATE: March 22nd

Following the recent commencement of works at the Dún Laoghaire Golf Course, our subsequent community meeting and submissions to the council, I write to update you on the current situation.

On Friday 14th March the site developer, Cosgraves, has made 5 new applications for planning permission to amend the existing permission. The revisions are mostly to reduce the scale of the houses and increase the gardens but there is also a reconfiguration of the roads.

Residents of Tivoli Close and Woodlawn Park would no longer have a road behind their garden walls nor an ESB substation. The current application would now allow for these houses to back onto the rear walls of back gardens from the new development.

Cosgrave developers have also obtained a tree felling licence from Teagasc. When I receive the details of this licence showing maps and what is protected, I will post it here on my website.

We have 5 weeks to make a submission on this new application and I invite you to contact me for feedback and potentially making a joint submission.

UPDATE: Dún Laoghaire Golf Course redevelopment.
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