Today I spoke in the Dáil during Questions to the Minister for Health.

I called for a roadmap for medical services to be published. There is currently no indication or prediction as to when medical services can resume, and the Government needs to provide that clarity in the same way that clarity was provided to businesses. The Minister said that a roadmap for the reopening of medical services would be published within two weeks.

I raised the issue of the profound implications for mental health from the pandemic. A Vision for Change is 14 years old and requires to be updated.

I also asked the Minister about scenario planning. As this is a novel coronavirus, we do not know exactly what path the disease will take. There are several different possibilities which have profound implications across different sectors of society. The Minister answered that this is being prepared and will be available for detailed discussion within a fortnight.

Finally, I raised the importance of coordinating the strategy for the reopening of international travel across Europe. There is currently a lack of symmetry, with every country coming up with different rules.

You can read the full transcript here.

Speaking in the Dáil on non-Covid related care, A Vision for Change and scenario planning

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