Public parking is a growing concern for both residents and business owners alike. Nowhere is this proving more challenging than in Dún Laoghaire town, where the strictly enforced parking policies are only adding to the growing number of vacant premises.

Public parking fees shouldn’t be relied on as an income tax for the council, nor should they be so costly as to stop customers from shopping locally;  good parking policies will benefit everybody.

An emerging trend in UK towns and villages is to introduce free parking after 3pm. This tackles both the problem of commuter parking and encourages consumers to shop local. The good news is that this policy is proving to work, with more and more towns following suit across Britain.

A ‘free after 3’ parking policy won’t solve all of Dún Laoghaire’s problems, but I believe it’s these sort of solutions which will bring life back into the town.

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Public parking – free after 3pm.
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