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Disposable Vapes

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Why I believe we should ban single-use disposable vapes.

I have committed to banning single use disposable vapes to better our environment during my time in government. Disposable vapes contain a lithium-ion battery, a copper wire, a filter and vape liquid, cased in a metal and plastic tube all of which are thrown out after use. These are all valuable materials being used to create the vapes that are then discarded incorrectly, in the wrong bins or often, thrown on the ground. This is a product that needs to be banned completely due to the damage it is having on the environment.

The following environmental issues come with the use of disposable vapes:

  • Increase in single-use plastics

  • Increase in plastic pollution

  • Increase in tech waste eg. lithium-ion batteries

  • Release of toxic chemicals into the environment from discarded vape

When vape pods, batteries, metal, and other plastic vape waste is discarded, that plastic eventually breaks down into smaller pieces of plastic called microplastics.

Before any major steps are taken, there will be a public consultation. These vapes are made to look, smell and taste attractive to children and after their few uses are discarded.

This action would come under the Circular Economy Act which allows a ban on single-use products and could be introduced under the EU’s single use plastic directive as a possible way to ban disposable vapes.



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