Today I spoke to Sarah McInerney about the Programme for Government, due to be published today.

Among the topics we discussed were transport infrastructure – particularly rural transport – the role of farmers in moving towards a greener Ireland; and housing.

Listen to the interview here.

Programme for Government:

Ossian Smyth TD, on Today with Sarah McInerney
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One thought on “Ossian Smyth TD, on Today with Sarah McInerney

  • June 16, 2020 at 7:16 am

    Dear Ossian,

    Congratulations to you and your colleagues on having such a positive impact on the program for government.

    I would like to raise a couple of concerns that many people in terraced houses face.
    I live on a small road in Blackrock called Eagle Hill which is made up of terraced houses. Due to the restricted access to the road trucks can not get down it, and as a result, we have to use plastic rubbish bags from panda rather than wheelie bins and have no access to compost bins or recycling bins. Is there anything that can be done to help with this? Perhaps a large recycling bin like they have in apartments?

    Further to this, I was wondering if there is a solution to charging your car if you live in a terraced house? Would I be allowed to put a charing going over my door that extends overhead to my car?

    Last, I am just wondering if there is any progress in developing the coastline from Blackrock to Seapoint into a proper amenity such as a cycleway and walkway/promenade with more access rather than just one footbridge at the Dart Station of Blackrock. This was highlighted in the Blackrock local area plan, 9.4.1, and 9.4.2 but it appears that no visible progress has gone into delivering these two objectives of the plan which is disappointing and a lost opportunity.
    It has become obvious over the last couple of months that it is a very popular spot but access to the seafront and amenities such as bins, broken glass swimming access, and paths are completely inadequate. Due to the lack of access, it has also become a very popular day time and night time drinking spot which in turn makes it even more unpleasant.

    It would be truly spectacular to develop a causeway between Blackrock and Seapoint, maybe this would involve building it over the DART line as they did in the Metals in Dun Laoghaire? When I consider all the other European and international cities with a coastline, they fully utilise it and it becomes a key part of the city. It is a shame that we have not taken advantage of our coastline in the same way.

    Kind regards,
    Eoin Bourke

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