29 August
No appeal has been lodged against this planning permission so Microsoft is now free to proceed to construction. Microsoft had stated that there could be a 1-2 year delay before commencement.

Microsoft has been granted permission for a new building in South County Business Park next to the entrance to the Leopardstown Racecourse. Microsoft’s plan is to replace its existing four facilities in Sandyford and Leopardstown. The permission was granted subject to appeal. Local residents in Tudor Lawns who objected to the building, now have the option to appeal to An Bord Pleanala for the permission to be revoked. That could take up to six months. (* update see above)

Racecourse is on the right, forest at the top
Racecourse is on the left, forest at the top

Residents from Tudor Lawns said they feared an increase in commuter parking on their roads generated by the new offices. The building is intended to cater for 2,000 office workers and includes parking for 538 cars.

Microsoft will have to pay levies totalling €8.3m to the council as a condition of their planning permission. The money would be allocated as follows:

Public open space  €         378,000
Local roads  €       1,635,000
Smarter travel  €         277,000
Surface water & Infrastructure  €         141,000
Special roads projects  €       2,343,000
Parks  €       1,171,000
Luas  €       2,387,000


I will be delighted if this development goes ahead and Dun Laoghaire Council receives this money. However, I disagree with taxing developments for being located near the Luas. Instead I think we should tax developers who build offices far from public transport. Luas levies are collected according to a statutory ‘contribution scheme’. So this is a question for the way we tax development in the future.

(disclaimer: I worked in Microsoft from 1996-2000)

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Microsoft's proposed new building
Microsoft’s proposed new building
Microsoft’s new Leopardstown HQ granted permission – at a price
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