Dún Laoghaire would greatly benefit from transparent spending of public funds. I believe that it is the mismanagement of our taxes which has resulted in the creation of vanity projects such as the €37m Dún Laoghaire library and €13m on a cancelled incinerator.

If my campaign is successful, I will look after the things that matter, like maintaining our roads, protecting the beaches and the parks. This is why I need you to commit your number 1 vote.

In an effort to highlight the need for transparency in public office, I have become Ireland’s first Bitcoin politician. I believe that technology can enable transparency and that Irish local government has been plagued by secrecy in the past. You can read more about my rationale in this interview in Silicon Republic.

In a further bid to highlight the need for transparency, I will be publishing a full account of my campaign’s income and spending on this website.

Hold Dún Laoghaire Council accountable for their spending.