As the Green Party’s Internet spokesperson, as well as representative for Energy, Communications and Natural Resources, I am very happy to announce that I am the first Irish politician to accept Bitcoin donations.

The Green Party hold a strong track record in terms of internet freedoms. Core to our policy are the issues of transparency and privacy. Last year, we put out more press releases than any other political party in support of Edward Snowden.

Whilst Bitcoin has been associated in the press with corruption or money laundering, it is the transparency of Bitcoin which should be so appealing to politics in Ireland today. Unlike a bank account, once the code for someone’s Bitcoin wallet has been made public, anybody can see how many Bitcoins it contains.

Mismanagement of public finances is core to my campaign in the runup to May 23rd. Dún Laoghaire County Council have overspent to the tune of €37m on a new library and €13m on a failed incinerator project. I believe that if the Council’s finances were more transparent, it would be conducive to better long-view planning for our community.

Not everyone can give their time to volunteer on my campaign, if you have the means to contribute financially either by Bitcoin or PayPal, please click here. All support is greatly appreciated.