By law, every Irish local authority has to produce a six-year plan. These plans set the local strategic policies for governing the area covering everything from housing and transport to parks and recreation. The development plan is important as when the council goes to spend money or decide on a planning permission application, the development plan is the guide for decision making.

Here is a copy of the Chief Executive’s draft plan for you to download (large file – 8MB pdf):

Draft Dun Laoghaire Development Plan 2016-2022

Some of the policies are aspirational and loose:

“It is Council policy to promote the development of knowledge-based enterprise in the County”

– while other policies are specific:

Population expansion target: 71,000 people in 31,000 households.

The plan comes with a zoning map showing the permitted uses for every acre of the county – such as commercial or residential – and the building densities allowed. For landowners, this is a special time when fortunes may be won or lost as the magic rezoning wand is waved.

I haven’t scanned the maps yet but here is a sample:

Development Plan Draft Cycle routes 2016-2022 (PDF doc showing draft orbital and radial cycle routes planned for Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown)


The plan is written by the executive originally and then put out to many rounds of public consultation. Every comment from the public must be considered by the executive and the councillors and responded to in writing and read out at the council meetings. There are various points along the process during which the councillors may vote to amend the plan.

The plan has to comply with national policies and it must follow the correct process and timetable to be legally acceptable.

The current stage is a consideration of the chief executive’s draft plan by the councillors. Amendments may be made by councillors at this stage. When this is complete, the draft will go out to public consultation by March 2nd.

Stage Duration Deadline
Councillors consider draft plan 8 weeks Feb 16th 2015
Prepare draft for public consultation 2 weeks March 2nd
Public consultation of draft plan 10 weeks May 11th
Chief executive’s report on submissions to draft 12 weeks August 3rd
Councillors may adopt or amend draft plan 12 weeks October 26th
Prepare amended draft plan 3 weeks Nov 16th
2nd public consultation on amendments 4 weeks Dec 14th
Chief executive’s report on submissions 4 weeks Jan 20th 2016
Councillors adopt plan 6 weeks March 2nd 2016


Submission on the pre-draft plan

To arrive at the draft plan as above, the executive and the councillors considered the submissions made by the public. The report on those submissions is published here:

Dun Laoghaire Pre-Draft Development Plan Consultation Response to Submissions 2016-2022

The chief executive’s presentation on this report, made to councillors in December 2014 is published below:

Report on the Pre-draft Dun Laoghaire Development Plan 2016-2022

If you have any thoughts or questions about how you think the county should develop, then please let me know.

Chief Executive’s Draft Dún Laoghaire Development Plan 2016-2022
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