As #CyberSecurityMonth continues, it’s important to know how you can be safe working from home.

Tips: -Use secure passwords

-Have two factor authenticators on your devices

-Use work-issued devices where provided

• Passwords should be at least 12 characters in length
– Consider using passphrases; these are easier to remember and help in creating longer,
more complex passwords
– Use random and unrelated words. The greater the complexity
– Use words that do not appear in the dictionary
– Use a combination of random numerical and special characters throughout the
– Do not use common phrases or quotes
– Do not use personal words like family names, pets, local football club or anything associated with your personal life
– Do not use words or abbreviations associated with your organisation or industry

• Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as MFA or
2FA involves using your username and password and one other piece of information. This
other piece of information can come in various forms. It may be:
– A one time dynamically issued token
– A physical object in the possession of the user
– A physical characteristic of the user (biometrics)
– An additional piece of information that is only known to the use

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Cyber Security Month

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