In 2014 I was elected a Green Party Councillor to represent Dún Laoghaire. I work as a technical Project Manager in Saint Vincent’s Hospital and I volunteer as a mentor at a local CoderDojo, teaching young people computer programming and other technical skills.

During my period on the council, I have worked to improve the standard of living of people in Dún Laoghaire by improving the environment we live in.

Here are some of the projects I have worked on:

  • I set a new levy on vacant shops to deal with absentee landlords leaving their premises fallow. This led to a 20% reduction in the vacancy rate in the county and gave us the budget to quadruple spending on homelessness;
  • I have worked to persuade a majority of councillors to change the local building insulation and ventilation rules for the 25,000 homes planned to be built here in the next six years.
  • I have worked with Dutch road engineers studying cycle lane and road junction design. Since then I have worked to change our local road projects to meet best Dutch practice so that children can safely walk and cycle to school;
  • I have taken part in many planning cases – seeking to improve rather than prevent development.
  • I got the council to ban the use of chemical weedkiller
  • I started a programme of switching the council’s 230 vehicle from fossil fuel to electric power.

We know that we can enjoy a better standard of living, because other countries already do. If you believe that we can have a better quality of life here in Ireland, then I’m asking for your No. 1 vote on May 24th.